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Kathy Robbins graduated from Texas Tech University with a double major in Accounting & Finance. Recruited by Grant Thornton to begin her career in Dallas, she worked closely with many medium-sized businesses and bank holding companies of the time. 

She even contracted with the Resolution Trust Corporation with tasks relating to the accounting and valuation of bank assets. This experience resulted in her being recruited by Price Waterhouse to co-senior the audit of the Special Asset Bank (managed by NCNB) that comprised of vast assets held/owned by the government resulting from the many bank failures in the 1980’s.  These were managed and maintained for the best disposition and resolution possible.  It required much analytical and detailed work to assess the risks (legal, environmental and others) and assess valuation of the asset categories for fair reporting purposes.  This background led her to briefly serve as an audit manager at Bank of Oklahoma where she met her husband.  There she was the expert over the mortgage corporation as mortgage servicing is another specialization of hers.  Missing the variety of public accounting, Kathy transferred to Deloitte Touche in Oklahoma where she became an audit manager over several clients including international and domestic corporations, and bank/credit union holding companies and small businesses.

Kathy left public accounting to raise her family since family is extremely important to her.  She served in leadership of several community organizations; always accepting the positions no one else wanted.    Served by bookkeeping for PTA’s and others, as well as substitute taught for the special education department of her neighborhood schools; where many other new skills and traits were developed.  Kathy believes God uses all our experiences to mold us into the kind of person he wants us to become, and she gave him many opportunities to do so.

Preparing to pay for college tuition, Kathy contracted for Joe C Hockaday, CPA for five years, and then joined the firm full-time. Her years of experience has made her a CPA with a very big heart that treats every client differently to best serve their needs.  Her bookkeeping clients slowly become like family, and she invests dedication and commitment.  Of all her jobs and volunteer hats, which she has held over the years; tax preparation is high on the list as it provides a sense of serving others.  Taxation and tax laws are not everyone’s strength, nor is it the job that everyone wants to do.  However, Kathy works towards being the best that she possibly can every day. She continues learning new skills every year to do it better.  The reward is knowing she helped each client take advantage of every deduction the government allows, fairly and respectfully.

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