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Welcome to our Cloud Based Portal

We help you keep more of your money; our portal will help make your life easier.
To access the portal on your phone, download the app:
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We are excited you are here and look forward to assisting you through your new client portal.  The purpose is to make your life easier, while securely being able to communicate, share files, and obtain signatures all in one location.  The best part, you can do all of this via your computer, or mobile phone.

Security & Privacy The #1 Reason to Use the Client Portal

We want to protect your personal data and identity.  We appreciate your trusting us with your personal information, and the best way we can protect you is through Canopy’s portal where you are able to upload your information easily and securely.

Mobile Cloud based portal

You can be anywhere at anytime to look up your personal portal to obtain supporting documents, view completed tax returns, invoices, or communicate with us.

Let's Get Started

Follow the below steps to set up your Canopy Client Portal.  You can access your portal via your desktop computer, or your mobile device.

  1. Complete the required information:

    * Should your access to login not work, try browsing incognito.

  2. Click to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  3. Login to your newly created account by visiting the canopy link on desktop, or your app

  4. Click on your Profile name at the bottom left
  5. Click on the User settings
  6. Update the information within each field
  7. For added security, check the Two Factor Authentication box
  8. Click to Save Changes

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